Weddings and Purposeful Baldness


I do a thing sometimes.

Sometimes I photograph a wedding.

I’ve been in a sort of existential crisis for a while now about my photography. I have two weddings left on the books– one in October and one next March. I haven’t been heavily marketing and I am not upset that I am not more heavily committed on my calendar. I have been more focused on improving my nutrition and fitness and singularly focused on writing more, both here and in my paper journals, and my few meager attempts at hobby photography around the house.

But man, I photographed a wedding yesterday. And it was awesome. I’m a Color Foundry convert. And I’m going back to primes to reclaim my creativity in my work. 35mm f1.4 and 50mm f1 and that was it for the entire day yesterday. It was heaven.

And yeah, I’m bald. I got asked today, “What happened to your hair?” by someone I hadn’t seen in person in about a year (I didn’t shave off my hair until about a year ago). At time this person asked about my hair, which was this morning, I had a hair full of about a week-old clippers peach fuzz. What this person didn’t know was that I had at home a brand new electric shaver ready to go full on skin close when I got home.

The bald thing started as a happy accident but I am LOVING the freedom of not having to think about my hair. I am considering a tattoo on my skull, beneath my hairline so that it won’t show if I ever grow my hair out again. I’ve promised my therapist I will think about it for several months since I am all over the place and not feeling particularly grounded at the moment. But I have seen photos of mandalas on people’s heads and I think one would look great on the left side surrounding my ear.

I’m working on smaller goals. Routine. Daily meeting nutrition and exercise goals. Journaling.

Today was day 4 on the new exercise bike and I’m already feeling stronger. I ordered a bike on Prime Day and it was probably the best health investment I’ve made in quite a while. I couldn’t quite do 20 minutes the first two days, but I’ve managed 20 minutes easily the last two days. I’ll up it to 30 minutes in about a week or so.

Jared tells me it’s bedtime and I guess he’s right, but I have been staying up later the last week or so, so it’s difficult to make myself try to go to bed. Oliver and I have a new book to read, The Wild Robot.

Maybe this next week will bring more reliable routine.

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