Pure Craziness


Our house, two days ago

I get these wild hairs sometimes to do something crazy. Then I am singularly focused on that idea until something snaps me out of it.

Ten+ years ago, that idea was to open up a beading business. Forget that cost of overhead was enormous– probably as much as the photography business, maybe more– and I couldn’t price things properly to make a profit. Forget that I had no business experience. It folded less than two years later, thankfully.

This week, that wild hair was to go house shopping. I am always obsessed with Zillow, that is not new. Nor is it new that I badger my poor real estate friend Dena on the near daily about some listing I’ve seen. It is not even new that I request to go see some listing in person. We’ve certainly done that before. Most of the time in these situations I am looking to capitalize fully on our equity and downsize into something that is not as nice as what we have, sometimes forcing one boy to share rooms with another. I don’t think long game very well– my long game brain is not fully developed.

No, what was new this week was that I got my house in show-ready condition and let people come through it. There was a house we decided to make an offer on, and one thing led to another, and so on. The house in question was comparable to ours except it had everything on one level, and a basement. It was a long-term house that wouldn’t have been a downgrade and would have been a forever until assisted living kind of house.

Forget the fact that we refinanced our own house in early April. Forget that our interest rate is 2.25%. Forget that we are on a 20-year term, which is a full 7 years off the term left from what we were on before. Forget that I am trying to think more long game with our money these days, as well. Forget that I love this house for no other reason than that I am completely unafraid of storms in this house because we just. don’t. hear. the noise. the same way as we did in other houses. This house is stone solid. The crawlspace is encapsulated so we don’t get moisture inside. I have painstakingly spent a LOT of time and money crafting this house to be what I want it to be, since it didn’t fit my style when we bought it.

I did all this with Jared on board. He liked the house in question, too. He had visions of a man cave in the basement there. It was a nice house.

It is likely unavailable now, and we are probably no longer letting people come into our house to potentially make an offer on ours as a pocket listing. We are pretty picky on what we want– there is one other house that is sort of on my wish list but it is an EXTREMELY long shot and I am not holding my breath that it is even a possibility.

Besides, our current next door neighbor is a surrogate grandmother to me and I would miss dearly being able to just walk out in the yard and visit with her every single day without notice.

So unless something changes dramatically in the next couple of days, we are staying put and I am going to continue to try thinking long game with our money. And our housing. Because besides me being crazy, this market is beyond crazy.

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