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So ever since I ordered that posture corrector from Berlin & Daughter, I have been making an effort to watch my upper back posture. My upper body strength and posture is terrible. I attribute this to the years of depression and not exercising, laying around in bed feeling sorry for myself. However, despite the progressing scoliosis, I can indeed still hold myself upright and straighten out my ribs on my left side to a certain extent. So, even sitting in the recliner (which has a setting to incline the top half more upright), I am doing what I can to watch my posture.

This week was rough snack-wise because there were goodies around from last weekend’s birthday celebration for Liam. I mostly resisted the cookies and only had one piece of cake. One morning I was feeling particularly sorry for myself and went whole hog on the Cheetos and Doritos, but one morning wasn’t the end of the world AND I did log everything I ate, in spite of myself. So far, even though I have ditched Noom, I am starting to lose a little. By a little, I mean maybe two to four-tenths of a pound at a time. I still consider that a win.

I am logging everything I eat in MyFitnessPal Premium and I’m doing my best to meet my carbs, protein, and fat percentage goals. The days that I achieve those goals or close to them are at the days I feel the best physically. I am starting to crave less sugar and less cheese. In fact, I already ordered Domino’s for the kids for dinner and while two garlic knots are in my dinner plans, actual pizza is not.

What has surprised me most about changing my diet is how little protein I must have been getting before. It has surprised me how much better I feel the days I have at least a serving and a half of my protein powder– right now I am using Whey Blend from Elevation from Aldi. I have always thought of protein powder as being only for people who want to bulk up, but I am actually noticing my tummy fat disappearing a little more since I started the protein powder daily, sometimes twice a day depending on what else I eat.

Water intake continues to be a struggle and I know most days I am still not hitting my water goal and I know if I did I would feel even better. There is no good answer to this except to keep drinking water.

We paid off my computer early. I have mixed feelings about this as perhaps it would have been more wise to keep making the payments and pay off other debt early given that the interest was 0% on the installment plan from Apple, but while I love my computer, I was loving less and less each month making payments on a computer that is only getting older. Don’t get me wrong, I expect this machine to last me five years, maybe longer. But to pay on a full 20% of that time is a long time to be making payments, even at 0% interest. So, in the interest of having less debt and outright owning all of my gear, as well as taking a psychological load off so to speak, we paid it off. It did mean draining a lot of savings to do so, but hopefully we can make up that output fairly quickly.

This payoff means we officially have no credit card debt. We have one small personal loan that is from consolidating credit card debt, and we have a personal loan that is the refi of Jared’s car (we didn’t exactly research car refinance as well as we did for the Chrysler refi and unfortunately the interest rate reflects that fact, but oh well), and we have the soon to be refinanced Chrysler loan. And the house payment. That’s it.

In addition to using YNAB as a budget software and checkbook register, I have been using Status Money to track things like our net worth and how our finances stack up against other Status Money users. Status is a pay what you want software, and I pay $1 a month for the deal. I end up re-categorizing transactions that are imported from our checking account a lot, as the software is not great at recognizing what category should be in what. But I love that it gives me percentages of what we spend on what, and how that compares to what others spend, as well as how all of it compares to national averages. There is a forum to interact with other users, but it’s not super high quality so I don’t pay much attention to that. It tracks net worth and you can input the value of all your assets, and track net worth over time.

I am becoming disillusioned with Facebook and just uninstalled the app from my phone. I enjoy keeping up with people, but I find myself compulsively doom-scrolling for just no reason at all and I don’t even notice I’ve picked up my phone to do it until I have gone down the feed for several minutes. It’s just not healthy. I am more interested in Reddit these days, as it gives me communities of my choice….I am part of the simple living, and the blogging, and the personal and poverty finance communities. Twitter is also awesome for connecting with like-minded people. The Bloggess family is the best mental health community on Twitter is the best mental health support group I have ever seen.

That’s all for today.

love, Caroline

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