For the Umpteenth Time…


This is the umpteenth iteration of Tickle the Sun.

I have owned this domain since 2009 or 2010, I don’t remember which. I’ve written volumes upon volumes of stuff here.

Then, I scrap it all.

It’s a pity in some respects that all that writing is gone but really, so much of it was me working out various aspects of self-care and work I really should have been doing in therapy. And a lot of it was repeated in my paper journals. So. Not gonna sweat it.

No real news around here except I think my new antidepressant, a Pristiq generic, is helping me wake up earlier. Thank goodness for that.

It’s Spring Break, and we went to St. Simons and Savannah. River Street Sweets in pandemic times is underwhelming and slightly alarming with the number of people. Porter enjoyed our tours of the squares more than he enjoyed River Street in general. I bought a mask and I wish I’d bought two or three; my new mask fits so much better than any of my others.

Porter’s souvenirs were pictures of the squares and other historic monuments. We tried to tell him we’d buy him something, but he wasn’t interested. Oliver found an “Among Us” shirt and Patrick from Spongebob sunglasses. Liam found a stuffed crab he named Gertrude.

My main souvenir was this picture of the boys. I have already ordered a canvas of it for the family room, to replace the canvas from the beach in 2016:

St. Simons was not that fun because people mostly weren’t wearing masks and parking was hard. It’s just not the same island it was 20+ years ago and other than short trips for reminiscing, I don’t have a huge desire to spend gobs of time there.

We brought home a stomach virus from our trip; Oliver and Liam were the lucky victims. They’re both better now, but the 24 hour stomach thing wasn’t fun. Both boys went to the dr and the dr was sure neither had Covid. But I will for sure take a stomach bug over Covid. So far so good on that front. I get my second vax on April 15 and Jared had his on March 31. Cannot wait for vax options for the kids.

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