Five Years


Bush by the garage is currently blooming.

May 31 marks five years ago that we bought our house.

For all the bellyaching I do about having a master on the second story, moving into this house really did mark a change for our household– financially, emotionally, and socially; stability-wise.

I have all kinds of emotions when I think back to where we were when we bought this house.

Due to the bankruptcy and trying to short-sell our old house instead of foreclosing, the bank had turned around and offered us a loan modification to make the mortgage at the time more affordable. Sure, it made it more affordable. But it turned it into a 40-year loan that couldn’t be refinanced.

The old house….

I brought two of my three babies home to that house, but there were all kinds of crazy emotions tied to it, mostly around my having stopped being able to work while we lived in that house. We bought that house when we thought I would retire from Fernbank, and that at least one of us would always be working in Atlanta. We severely underestimated how much we would be doing in Carrollton. So, besides the finance side of things, being in Villa Rica was not very convenient.

Then this house came along and for all I have felt like I was pressured into buying this house over the years, I really did like it. Seeing a two year old Oliver playing in the back yard (something he was unable to do at our old house) really sealed the deal for this house. It was all brick, something that was a high priority for me at the time. The yard….I already said it but our yard is so big.

I have a hard time keeping all of it clean at the same time, but that just goes with the territory of depression, I think.

Today, I am just filled with gratitude. Gratitude that we have a beautiful home, that we are in a 20-year mortgage instead of being stuck with what would now be 33 years left to go on a mortgage….Jared has a good job, I have a good part-time gig, and our boys love their home and having their own spaces. I shudder to think what the past five years would have been like for Porter in particular, if he’d still had to share a room with Liam all these years.

For all I like to look at Zillow, and give hell to Dena about other listings I see, this is home. I am SO incredibly grateful.

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