CPAP and Cars


I have a hate/ hate relationship with the CPAP.

It has been terrible. First, it was causing a rash on my face (I have the full face mask on purpose; I requested it). Then, I solved that issue, and now at random times in the night I will yank it off my face and not remember it in the morning. Thankfully, I made it 7 hours with it on before I yanked it off at 3:55 AM this morning, but I have had mornings where I wake up and apparently yanked it off two hours after I went to bed.

I don’t particularly love falling asleep with it, but it is terrible waking up with the thing on, whether it is subconsciously in the night or even if I manage to make it the whole night with it on.

Oh, and the car ups and downs…..

It all started because I realized our credit was better now than when we bought our Pacifica. So, the first thought was to refinance the Pacifica loan into a better interest rate, thus lowering our monthly payment, which has been pretty ghastly at $644 a month now for nearly three years.

But, upon investigating trade-in values on Carvana, they were willing to give us over $27,000 as a trade-in value. So the thought occurred that we could just do away with the van and take on a different car.

HA. Then I went dealership hopping. Jared and I went to Scott Evans Chrysler Dodge Jeep last Saturday with the thought that we might invest in a new Pacifica Hybrid, screw the lower payment idea. However, if you are local, do not go here under pretty much any circumstances. We bought the Pacifica from this dealership and we knew from that experience that it was kind of a shady place, but we went last Saturday and I had called ahead of time and we were given a specific salesperson’s name to ask for. There was a sales guy milling about outside when we arrived, but he told us he couldn’t help us because we’d been given someone else’s name; that he’d get in trouble if he helped us. So he sat us at the person’s desk, and there was a random driver’s license, registration, and insurance card left at this desk unattended in front of us. Like 4 different employees came to get various things off this desk, and none of them addressed the unattended license issue or bothered to ask if we were being helped. After 15 minutes of sitting there, I finally convinced Jared that we should leave. So, we walked out. The girl called me back and was like where are you, and I explained we had been there and what had happened. But yeah….we won’t even go for service to this dealership. I have an appointment for a tire rotation at the Chrysler dealership in Newnan tomorrow.

So anyway…..after the Chrysler dealership debacle, I got online. I got Nalley Honda to match what Carvana was offering on trade in, but they took too long to figure out delivery. There was an entertaining back and forth on the situation on Facebook. It’s just as well that it didn’t work out, as one of the engine lights is now on on the Pacifica. That’s the other reason I am going to Newnan tomorrow.

All of this to say that the refinance we’d started over a week ago, we finally figured out how to proceed with. So our monthly payment will go down to $493 for the remaining term, a much more comfortable figure. And score for a 2.24% interest rate, which is much better than the 5.19% we had.

And, best of all, I don’t have to give up my beloved Pacifica. Because I do love her.

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