Car Drama, Facebook Ads and Boundaries


My car is happy again. And Newnan Chrysler Dodge Jeep is awesome. I even come away having waited half the day today for my car and still say that.

Turns out, my Pacifica has two batteries even though it is not even a hybrid. And, the secondary battery had gone out, which in turn drained the primary battery. It is back to auto start-stopping happily when I putter down the road. Happily, it was a warranty repair.

I caved to a Facebook ad last night. I ordered one of those posture correctors from Berlin & Daughter. I’m only sorry it won’t arrive in time for Sunday’s wedding, because my back could use the extra support. Oh well. Here’s to hoping it was at least a tolerable purchase, even if it won’t work miracles on my progressing scoliosis.

I drew a boundary and cut the ex off Facebook (again) last week and I’ve had all kinds of emotions since then. Mostly, incredulity at myself that I can’t just leave the past in the past. And incredulity that someone (the ex) can be so childish at 43 years old.

Forget him. I need to be more gentle with myself.

It’s a wedding weekend. Time to charge batteries tomorrow. And get a pedicure and brow wax at Indulge tomorrow. And go to a wedding rehearsal.

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