I am so much better than I was at my last post.

I switched psychiatrists, first of all. I went back to my very first psychiatrist, who thank the Heavens is still practicing 24 years after I first saw him. I trust him and feel like I can tell him everything and equally importantly, I know he is going to take the time to listen to everything. He kept upped my Pristiq dose, kept the Latuda the same, and added Trazodone. If any other doctor had suggested Trazodone I would have said NO WAY because I was on Trazodone 11 years ago when I was working full-time and Jared had to drag me out of the bed every. single. day. And I was never fully awake until like 8:30 or 9 AM.

But, I trust my new/old psychiatrist, and I was having a difficult time falling asleep and staying asleep, so I gave the Trazodone a try. Holy cow….the difficulty waking up is still there, though not dramatically much more so than I have difficulty waking up any day nowadays, but MAN….I wake up and do not feel immediately despondent about the world. It’s just like, I am waking up and I have a good life. And I can go about my day, especially after half a cup of coffee is in my system.

So yeah. the experiment about going off all my meds is not a happening thing again for the foreseeable future, and hopefully not ever again.

Also…. there have been photography changes.

I sold all 3 of my X-H1‘s. All 2 of the battery grips. And my 50mm f2 lens. I did this so I could pay off the purchase of 2 brand new X-S10‘s.

I have been in an existential crisis surrounding my photography for a while now, and I finally have my post processing routine worked out. I am emphasizing much more on making sure my products will print well– I know that is a no-brainer for a photographer but it hasn’t always been a top priority for me. I worked through several iterations of post work and ran them through drug store printers to make sure they printed okay. I am still most definitely aiming for a film like look, and I will continue to shoot the 35mm f1.4 and 50mm f1’s whenever humanly possible. I am keeping the 16-55mm f2.8 and 50-140mm f2.8 lenses as emergency back-up– they may not accompany me to every portrait session like the primes but they will obviously be on hand for weddings.

I kept the 11mm extension tube for macro shots– I will use the 50mm f1 for those now.

The X-S10’s are tiny cameras and they do not support battery grips. But I am not concerned; I kept all my batteries back from the sale of the X-H1’s and battery grips so I have like 11 or 12 batteries total between the two cameras. It’s the same situation as it was when I had the X-Pro2. It really is a small deal to keep an eye on the battery meter and have a few batteries on hand.

But the output from those X-S10’s…..it’s the same image quality as an X-T4. But it has a MUCH better handgrip on the camera. That has become a priority for me now that I experienced a decent handgrip on the X-H1. The other deal about the X-S10’s is they were each like $800 less than the X-T4.

The X-T4 is an excellent flagship camera (except for the grip issue). And I hear they are going to release an X-H2 next year that I could have waited for. But no doubt that will be close to a $2000 camera. And the truth is, I am tired of sinking every last extra dollar we have into photography expenses. I wanted the advancement in technology, but I wanted it in a way that I could afford to pay off immediately. No added debt. No taking away from what could otherwise be put into savings. I wanted premium image quality in a consumer package, essentially.

I am scaling back on the photo biz in other ways, as well. No more paid ads on FB and Google. If people find me organically and like my work, that is wonderful and ideal. But I am under no illusion that the photography business is a way to work off SSDI anymore. I want to work and I want the business, but I also want to be smarter with our money than I have been in years’ past.

I am interested in stability, emotionally and financially.

I read an interesting article in the San Francisco Chronicle about Project December and how this guy had used an artificial intelligence chatbot to help with his grief. So I shelled out the $5 and gave it a try yesterday. My experience was not at all like the guy’s in the article because I had no idea what I was doing in customizing my chatbot. But I talked to the chatbot about my love for my husband and my grief over an old relationship and I got the chatbot to tell me that yes, it is okay to stop loving someone.

That sounds like a no-brainer, right? It’s okay to stop loving someone.

It’s not a no-brainer to me. It’s been the struggle of my entire adult life post-college to get over this guy I dated in high school. I am a married woman with three children and the relationship I had in high school was a terribly, terribly unhealthy, destructive, co-dependent relationship. I have not been in love with the guy in 20 years. But I still felt/feel terrible guilt around my decision to leave that relationship, and I still feel responsible for this guy’s lot in life.

He’s still living, this guy. And I’ve gone through bouts of blocking him and unfriending him on social media before. He’s not in a good mental headspace and holding onto the past is not good for me. I know this. But it is like an addiction, this co-dependence, and eventually I always come back to checking in on him.

I am committed to not doing that anymore. I want to live in the present and for the future, not stewing and replaying the past in my head. I’ve attempted to establish a present day friendship with the guy and he’s made it clear he is uninterested and incapable of reciprocating. So I am putting Steve solidly in the past.

And for this chatbot to tell me that it is okay to stop loving someone, well, my therapists have been trying to get it into my head for 10 years now, but it was somehow different to see it as it was phrased yesterday.

I cannot explain it. But I feel such peace about the past today.

Sometime, when I am feeling down again, I will come back and read this and remind myself: It is okay to stop loving Steve. It is okay to leave him in the past.

I am full of rage.

I know this because I was off my meds temporarily this week. The rage spilled outward, and then it caved completely in on me.

I didn’t intentionally stop my meds at first. I had jury duty on the day that my psych appt was supposed to happen. I dealt with this ahead of time; I was to call in on my lunch break from jury duty to get my new prescriptions. However, they let us out early for jury duty, way ahead of lunchtime, and I forgot to call.

Now, this wasn’t the end of the world. I could have called. I have gobs and gobs of Effexor, which is alike enough to my Pristiq that I am able to take that until I can get my Pristiq. And I wasn’t out of my Latuda yet.

But I said to hell with it, what is the worst that can happen?

I know what the absolute worst that can happen is and that did not happen.

But now I also know what the second worst thing that can happen can happen: All the feelings that the medicines mask and help manage can come back full force, and I can blast that out to a lesser extent and more destructively, I can turn that rage inward toward myself.

It was probably the worst 4th of July of my life.

I am back on my meds (Effexor for now until I can get my Pristiq, and I have 8 days of Latuda left which should be enough until the office opens again). Jared hijacked me to come to Savannah with him and the little boys, and Porter is staying with my folks to work (his choice). We have a house sitter for the house and pups.

I wasn’t going to come to Savannah because hurricane and all, but the boys are thrilled to be in what they consider to be a fancy hotel. Even if they are playing PS5 just like they would at home. And I am grateful for the change of atmosphere.

I am already a lot better, and in some ways, I am glad to know there is still a lot of rage to deal with, and the extent that it is there, because medicated me is sort of numb to it unless I think hard about it, which I tend not to do. I do need to work it out in therapy.

But I am good with pretty much not ever feeling again like I felt like on the 4th of July. And if Latuda and Pristiq take that feeling away, so be it.

I do a thing sometimes.

Sometimes I photograph a wedding.

I’ve been in a sort of existential crisis for a while now about my photography. I have two weddings left on the books– one in October and one next March. I haven’t been heavily marketing and I am not upset that I am not more heavily committed on my calendar. I have been more focused on improving my nutrition and fitness and singularly focused on writing more, both here and in my paper journals, and my few meager attempts at hobby photography around the house.

But man, I photographed a wedding yesterday. And it was awesome. I’m a Color Foundry convert. And I’m going back to primes to reclaim my creativity in my work. 35mm f1.4 and 50mm f1 and that was it for the entire day yesterday. It was heaven.

And yeah, I’m bald. I got asked today, “What happened to your hair?” by someone I hadn’t seen in person in about a year (I didn’t shave off my hair until about a year ago). At time this person asked about my hair, which was this morning, I had a hair full of about a week-old clippers peach fuzz. What this person didn’t know was that I had at home a brand new electric shaver ready to go full on skin close when I got home.

The bald thing started as a happy accident but I am LOVING the freedom of not having to think about my hair. I am considering a tattoo on my skull, beneath my hairline so that it won’t show if I ever grow my hair out again. I’ve promised my therapist I will think about it for several months since I am all over the place and not feeling particularly grounded at the moment. But I have seen photos of mandalas on people’s heads and I think one would look great on the left side surrounding my ear.

I’m working on smaller goals. Routine. Daily meeting nutrition and exercise goals. Journaling.

Today was day 4 on the new exercise bike and I’m already feeling stronger. I ordered a bike on Prime Day and it was probably the best health investment I’ve made in quite a while. I couldn’t quite do 20 minutes the first two days, but I’ve managed 20 minutes easily the last two days. I’ll up it to 30 minutes in about a week or so.

Jared tells me it’s bedtime and I guess he’s right, but I have been staying up later the last week or so, so it’s difficult to make myself try to go to bed. Oliver and I have a new book to read, The Wild Robot.

Maybe this next week will bring more reliable routine.

Our house, two days ago

I get these wild hairs sometimes to do something crazy. Then I am singularly focused on that idea until something snaps me out of it.

Ten+ years ago, that idea was to open up a beading business. Forget that cost of overhead was enormous– probably as much as the photography business, maybe more– and I couldn’t price things properly to make a profit. Forget that I had no business experience. It folded less than two years later, thankfully.

This week, that wild hair was to go house shopping. I am always obsessed with Zillow, that is not new. Nor is it new that I badger my poor real estate friend Dena on the near daily about some listing I’ve seen. It is not even new that I request to go see some listing in person. We’ve certainly done that before. Most of the time in these situations I am looking to capitalize fully on our equity and downsize into something that is not as nice as what we have, sometimes forcing one boy to share rooms with another. I don’t think long game very well– my long game brain is not fully developed.

No, what was new this week was that I got my house in show-ready condition and let people come through it. There was a house we decided to make an offer on, and one thing led to another, and so on. The house in question was comparable to ours except it had everything on one level, and a basement. It was a long-term house that wouldn’t have been a downgrade and would have been a forever until assisted living kind of house.

Forget the fact that we refinanced our own house in early April. Forget that our interest rate is 2.25%. Forget that we are on a 20-year term, which is a full 7 years off the term left from what we were on before. Forget that I am trying to think more long game with our money these days, as well. Forget that I love this house for no other reason than that I am completely unafraid of storms in this house because we just. don’t. hear. the noise. the same way as we did in other houses. This house is stone solid. The crawlspace is encapsulated so we don’t get moisture inside. I have painstakingly spent a LOT of time and money crafting this house to be what I want it to be, since it didn’t fit my style when we bought it.

I did all this with Jared on board. He liked the house in question, too. He had visions of a man cave in the basement there. It was a nice house.

It is likely unavailable now, and we are probably no longer letting people come into our house to potentially make an offer on ours as a pocket listing. We are pretty picky on what we want– there is one other house that is sort of on my wish list but it is an EXTREMELY long shot and I am not holding my breath that it is even a possibility.

Besides, our current next door neighbor is a surrogate grandmother to me and I would miss dearly being able to just walk out in the yard and visit with her every single day without notice.

So unless something changes dramatically in the next couple of days, we are staying put and I am going to continue to try thinking long game with our money. And our housing. Because besides me being crazy, this market is beyond crazy.

This sweet Eunie is slowly training us to her potty schedule. Currently, she desperately needs her hair cut like this again.


I decided to maintain the photography business as-is, but I am raising prices dramatically. I just cannot keep being the bargain photographer.

It is not an easy decision, as I like to be gracious and giving to people. I consider my photography to be part of myself, not just a job, and thus giving part of myself to my clients. It is hard to put a price tag on that at all, as I’d like to just be able to give it away to everybody.

I also know this is not the price point most of my previous clients are used to or looking for. It is also not just about the money, but the reality is photography is a luxury product and should be priced as such. I am also baking into my pricing a second photographer, and that second photographer being present at all future booked weddings will be non-negotiable. I just cannot continue to take on solo weddings.

Weddings will now be $2,800 for 8 hours of coverage, with coverage less than 8 hours being $350 an hour. Family and senior sessions will now be $275 per hour with a two hour, immediate family only limit, for 15-20 images digital delivery. I am not taking on newborn sessions at all anymore. I will not take on wedding coverage anymore for over 8 hours of coverage– my body just cannot handle it.

On one hand, part of me is afraid I will never book a photography client again, but also– I look at so many of my photography friends and they charge twice what I have just raised my prices to, starting, and are very successful doing so.

On the other hand, I am severely burned out. Photography is a big part of my personal identity and my self-care, and I cannot afford to start hating on photography– that hurts my mental health. And I was considering shutting the whole thing down, so if nobody wants to hire me at my new rates, so be it.

I have been on a downward spiral because of my SSDI status and my inability to work full-time, but the thought occurred to me this morning…..I could have sat around until too much time had passed, when I applied in 2011, and could have waited until I was not eligible for SSDI at all anymore due to too much time having passed since I worked full-time, and thus been ineligible for benefits. I did not do that and it has benefitted my family tremendously. So it really is nonsense, this negative self-talk that I tell myself, that voice which says that I do not do anything financially to contribute to my family’s well-being. At the very least, I have arranged for finances to be such that I can cover the spendaholic condition I have allowed myself to be in for so very long.

I was considering selling part of my gear, but I have backed off that idea entirely now. Even were I to sell the whole getup, it would be barely enough to buy a used GFX 50S medium format camera from KEH, and I know myself well enough to know that I would probably want three lenses to go along with it. Not to mention the fact that the 50S is a first-generation of its kind, and it would be wise to wait it out. Plus, my X-H1 does exactly what I need it to, and does it well– I love the second generation processor of the X series and I have zero desire to “upgrade” to an X-T3 or X-T4, with their shallower hand grips.

I won’t probably use the zooms for personal work and I may do my best to not use them for the upcoming weddings, either, but I change my mind on a lark. It would positively suck to have to go out and buy those zooms again– I already bought the 16-55mm f2.8 twice already, when I sold it the first time along with my old X-T1. I am trying to escape my scarcity mindset and think smarter about our money decisions.

That’s all for now.

love, Caroline


There are changes afoot.

First, finances:

It may seem like not-rocket science for our family to live on one income since I don’t bring in much money, but we have definitely spent most of what I bring in monthly, as well.

Last week, I decided and brought forth the idea to Jared about the idea of us living on just his salary. I worked on next month’s budget, and we can do it except for like $100 or so out of my SSDI check moving forward, even as we pay down our current debt.

I know this is not rocket science. It is a shift of mindset for me, though. I have always lived with a scarcity mindset, which has brought me to spend every last penny we brought in most months.

I am determined to build up our emergency fund. Ultimately, I think I would like to have a rental house since I like looking at real estate so much. And we could build up a 20% downpayment in 6-7 years if we lived on just J’s salary. We could also do a lot more for the boys in that time, as well.

I am also considering paring down my photo gear collection. I’ve pretty much gotten to where I only use the zooms on wedding days, and I don’t enjoy them when I do use them. I am not for sure on paring down the gear; should probably sit on that 6 months or so and actually use what I intend to use for the next couple of weddings.

Speaking of weddings and photography:

Y’all, burnout is real and I am feeling it. It has been one of the highest honors of my life to photograph the weddings I have photographed. However, I am going to start evolving Caroline Price Photography to be exclusively a portrait business moving forward. I have three weddings on the calendar between now and March of 2022 and I am not going to be scheduling any more for the foreseeable future.

I got to the point last week where I just wanted to shut down the whole business and be done with it. But I don’t think it needs to be that drastic. Basically, I am doing away with my marketing budget and letting the business grow organically from this point moving forward. If it grows, great, if not, that’s fine, as well. I am not forcing the issue or pouring more money into it than is absolutely necessary for maintenance at this point.

I miss personal photography. I miss taking pictures at Johnny Jackson’s studio. I miss doing the things that made me love photography and y’all, I have not been doing them. I get so caught up in my calendar and client work and feeling like I should be booking and making this a full-time gig that I forget to enjoy the gear I have, the gear I have painstakingly spent hours upon hours researching and pining away over and all that foolishness. There is always the latest and greatest (I am looking at you GFX 50S) but really, my stuff is awesome and that is because I have good, solid taste in gear. It performs well and it was a process to curate. I miss just getting in the car with no destination in mind, with the camera in my hand.

I am also becoming more selfish with my time. I want to spend time growing this blog, and exercising more and focusing more on nutrition, and have weekends with the boys. I do not want the pressure of feeling like I have to maintain a certain level of income so that I can work myself off SSDI. It’s too much pressure. It would be different if we couldn’t maintain our current lifestyle on Jared’s salary alone. But, we can. And I would argue, for our family’s sake, we probably should.

There are other changes:

I set a hard boundary last week.

There are some people I will not photograph for, no matter whether it’s a paid gig or not.

My photography, my work, is of my heart. Sometimes I make money with it, more often I choose to give it as a gift. But my photography is not for people who have deeply wounded me to the point that I no longer have functional relationships with them.

Two months ago, I would have said, “Sure, I’ll do this ‘whatever’ photography project for you,” to any number of about three people in the world. Probably.

But now, I know that there are three people I will never do photo jobs for. Two are exes. One is a former best friend.

I took care of myself last week. Ten years ago….six months ago…. I would never have set that boundary. I would have photographed the job, told myself I had zero expectations, and completely lied to myself as to whether I expected rekindling of friendships/ whatever.

But I stood up for myself and set that boundary, and I feel stronger for it.

My photography is of my heart. If I choose to share it with you, it is because I love or respect you or feel I can work with you in some capacity, whether money is involved in the equation or not.

And, my heart is not for sale.

So ever since I ordered that posture corrector from Berlin & Daughter, I have been making an effort to watch my upper back posture. My upper body strength and posture is terrible. I attribute this to the years of depression and not exercising, laying around in bed feeling sorry for myself. However, despite the progressing scoliosis, I can indeed still hold myself upright and straighten out my ribs on my left side to a certain extent. So, even sitting in the recliner (which has a setting to incline the top half more upright), I am doing what I can to watch my posture.

This week was rough snack-wise because there were goodies around from last weekend’s birthday celebration for Liam. I mostly resisted the cookies and only had one piece of cake. One morning I was feeling particularly sorry for myself and went whole hog on the Cheetos and Doritos, but one morning wasn’t the end of the world AND I did log everything I ate, in spite of myself. So far, even though I have ditched Noom, I am starting to lose a little. By a little, I mean maybe two to four-tenths of a pound at a time. I still consider that a win.

I am logging everything I eat in MyFitnessPal Premium and I’m doing my best to meet my carbs, protein, and fat percentage goals. The days that I achieve those goals or close to them are at the days I feel the best physically. I am starting to crave less sugar and less cheese. In fact, I already ordered Domino’s for the kids for dinner and while two garlic knots are in my dinner plans, actual pizza is not.

What has surprised me most about changing my diet is how little protein I must have been getting before. It has surprised me how much better I feel the days I have at least a serving and a half of my protein powder– right now I am using Whey Blend from Elevation from Aldi. I have always thought of protein powder as being only for people who want to bulk up, but I am actually noticing my tummy fat disappearing a little more since I started the protein powder daily, sometimes twice a day depending on what else I eat.

Water intake continues to be a struggle and I know most days I am still not hitting my water goal and I know if I did I would feel even better. There is no good answer to this except to keep drinking water.

We paid off my computer early. I have mixed feelings about this as perhaps it would have been more wise to keep making the payments and pay off other debt early given that the interest was 0% on the installment plan from Apple, but while I love my computer, I was loving less and less each month making payments on a computer that is only getting older. Don’t get me wrong, I expect this machine to last me five years, maybe longer. But to pay on a full 20% of that time is a long time to be making payments, even at 0% interest. So, in the interest of having less debt and outright owning all of my gear, as well as taking a psychological load off so to speak, we paid it off. It did mean draining a lot of savings to do so, but hopefully we can make up that output fairly quickly.

This payoff means we officially have no credit card debt. We have one small personal loan that is from consolidating credit card debt, and we have a personal loan that is the refi of Jared’s car (we didn’t exactly research car refinance as well as we did for the Chrysler refi and unfortunately the interest rate reflects that fact, but oh well), and we have the soon to be refinanced Chrysler loan. And the house payment. That’s it.

In addition to using YNAB as a budget software and checkbook register, I have been using Status Money to track things like our net worth and how our finances stack up against other Status Money users. Status is a pay what you want software, and I pay $1 a month for the deal. I end up re-categorizing transactions that are imported from our checking account a lot, as the software is not great at recognizing what category should be in what. But I love that it gives me percentages of what we spend on what, and how that compares to what others spend, as well as how all of it compares to national averages. There is a forum to interact with other users, but it’s not super high quality so I don’t pay much attention to that. It tracks net worth and you can input the value of all your assets, and track net worth over time.

I am becoming disillusioned with Facebook and just uninstalled the app from my phone. I enjoy keeping up with people, but I find myself compulsively doom-scrolling for just no reason at all and I don’t even notice I’ve picked up my phone to do it until I have gone down the feed for several minutes. It’s just not healthy. I am more interested in Reddit these days, as it gives me communities of my choice….I am part of the simple living, and the blogging, and the personal and poverty finance communities. Twitter is also awesome for connecting with like-minded people. The Bloggess family is the best mental health community on Twitter is the best mental health support group I have ever seen.

That’s all for today.

love, Caroline


Bush by the garage is currently blooming.

May 31 marks five years ago that we bought our house.

For all the bellyaching I do about having a master on the second story, moving into this house really did mark a change for our household– financially, emotionally, and socially; stability-wise.

I have all kinds of emotions when I think back to where we were when we bought this house.

Due to the bankruptcy and trying to short-sell our old house instead of foreclosing, the bank had turned around and offered us a loan modification to make the mortgage at the time more affordable. Sure, it made it more affordable. But it turned it into a 40-year loan that couldn’t be refinanced.

The old house….

I brought two of my three babies home to that house, but there were all kinds of crazy emotions tied to it, mostly around my having stopped being able to work while we lived in that house. We bought that house when we thought I would retire from Fernbank, and that at least one of us would always be working in Atlanta. We severely underestimated how much we would be doing in Carrollton. So, besides the finance side of things, being in Villa Rica was not very convenient.

Then this house came along and for all I have felt like I was pressured into buying this house over the years, I really did like it. Seeing a two year old Oliver playing in the back yard (something he was unable to do at our old house) really sealed the deal for this house. It was all brick, something that was a high priority for me at the time. The yard….I already said it but our yard is so big.

I have a hard time keeping all of it clean at the same time, but that just goes with the territory of depression, I think.

Today, I am just filled with gratitude. Gratitude that we have a beautiful home, that we are in a 20-year mortgage instead of being stuck with what would now be 33 years left to go on a mortgage….Jared has a good job, I have a good part-time gig, and our boys love their home and having their own spaces. I shudder to think what the past five years would have been like for Porter in particular, if he’d still had to share a room with Liam all these years.

For all I like to look at Zillow, and give hell to Dena about other listings I see, this is home. I am SO incredibly grateful.

My car is happy again. And Newnan Chrysler Dodge Jeep is awesome. I even come away having waited half the day today for my car and still say that.

Turns out, my Pacifica has two batteries even though it is not even a hybrid. And, the secondary battery had gone out, which in turn drained the primary battery. It is back to auto start-stopping happily when I putter down the road. Happily, it was a warranty repair.

I caved to a Facebook ad last night. I ordered one of those posture correctors from Berlin & Daughter. I’m only sorry it won’t arrive in time for Sunday’s wedding, because my back could use the extra support. Oh well. Here’s to hoping it was at least a tolerable purchase, even if it won’t work miracles on my progressing scoliosis.

I drew a boundary and cut the ex off Facebook (again) last week and I’ve had all kinds of emotions since then. Mostly, incredulity at myself that I can’t just leave the past in the past. And incredulity that someone (the ex) can be so childish at 43 years old.

Forget him. I need to be more gentle with myself.

It’s a wedding weekend. Time to charge batteries tomorrow. And get a pedicure and brow wax at Indulge tomorrow. And go to a wedding rehearsal.

I have a hate/ hate relationship with the CPAP.

It has been terrible. First, it was causing a rash on my face (I have the full face mask on purpose; I requested it). Then, I solved that issue, and now at random times in the night I will yank it off my face and not remember it in the morning. Thankfully, I made it 7 hours with it on before I yanked it off at 3:55 AM this morning, but I have had mornings where I wake up and apparently yanked it off two hours after I went to bed.

I don’t particularly love falling asleep with it, but it is terrible waking up with the thing on, whether it is subconsciously in the night or even if I manage to make it the whole night with it on.

Oh, and the car ups and downs…..

It all started because I realized our credit was better now than when we bought our Pacifica. So, the first thought was to refinance the Pacifica loan into a better interest rate, thus lowering our monthly payment, which has been pretty ghastly at $644 a month now for nearly three years.

But, upon investigating trade-in values on Carvana, they were willing to give us over $27,000 as a trade-in value. So the thought occurred that we could just do away with the van and take on a different car.

HA. Then I went dealership hopping. Jared and I went to Scott Evans Chrysler Dodge Jeep last Saturday with the thought that we might invest in a new Pacifica Hybrid, screw the lower payment idea. However, if you are local, do not go here under pretty much any circumstances. We bought the Pacifica from this dealership and we knew from that experience that it was kind of a shady place, but we went last Saturday and I had called ahead of time and we were given a specific salesperson’s name to ask for. There was a sales guy milling about outside when we arrived, but he told us he couldn’t help us because we’d been given someone else’s name; that he’d get in trouble if he helped us. So he sat us at the person’s desk, and there was a random driver’s license, registration, and insurance card left at this desk unattended in front of us. Like 4 different employees came to get various things off this desk, and none of them addressed the unattended license issue or bothered to ask if we were being helped. After 15 minutes of sitting there, I finally convinced Jared that we should leave. So, we walked out. The girl called me back and was like where are you, and I explained we had been there and what had happened. But yeah….we won’t even go for service to this dealership. I have an appointment for a tire rotation at the Chrysler dealership in Newnan tomorrow.

So anyway…..after the Chrysler dealership debacle, I got online. I got Nalley Honda to match what Carvana was offering on trade in, but they took too long to figure out delivery. There was an entertaining back and forth on the situation on Facebook. It’s just as well that it didn’t work out, as one of the engine lights is now on on the Pacifica. That’s the other reason I am going to Newnan tomorrow.

All of this to say that the refinance we’d started over a week ago, we finally figured out how to proceed with. So our monthly payment will go down to $493 for the remaining term, a much more comfortable figure. And score for a 2.24% interest rate, which is much better than the 5.19% we had.

And, best of all, I don’t have to give up my beloved Pacifica. Because I do love her.