Health issues have recently become very, very important to me. I am overhauling my diet and activity levels daily now, and I am actively exploring the mind-body connection. For so much of my life I ran on autopilot both in regard to diet, exercise, and health issues in general and now that I am in my 40's, I am determined to find a healthy life and diet balance. 

I would love to grow this blog to talk more about the mind-body connection. 

In time, I hope to open this space up to guest writers of like-minded lifestyle articles. I want this blog to be a home for women who maybe haven't always felt at home in their own skin, but are learning to be true to themselves.

It is so important to find one's own voice. This issue is still one I work on myself, today. I would love nothing more than for this platform to be a space for people to live into their voices and speak their dreams out loud. 

Life is too short to be less than authentic or untrue to ourselves. Time spent cultivating One's voice is time that is always well-spent. 

There will always be two facets to my outlets... I love photography and I love photographing weddings best. However, something is missing when I am not writing on a blog. 

My hopes for this space are that I can write regularly, and that maybe this will be a safe space for people who value authenticity and genuine connection. I don't have time in my life for putting up false fronts anymore; life is too short. I write about mental health issues, my journey as a parent, and some photography issues. 

A whole page about me.... HA

I started my first blog in 2010, probably about the time I bought this domain name. I've had nebulous ideas about what I wanted to write about and ultimately, I dreamed of being a mommy blogger.

This mommy blogger dream lead me to learn about photography. Somewhere along the way, more personal journal-type writing took center stage personally and my photography became a more public outlet.

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