My Last Baby is in Pre-K!

“I want a song!”  Liam quietly whined last night.

“Do you want me to sing you the song I sang when you were a little baby?”

“YES!”  Liam exclaimed excitedly.

So, I sang to the boys, “Lida Rose,” from The Music Man.  That was Liam’s song.  Then I started to say, “Good night,” but Liam whimpered, “I want a hug and a kiss!”

It was the third round of hugs and kisses.  I love every one of them.

My sweet Liam is the happiest child I know.  He has his willfulness, he has his meltdowns and he certainly knows how to throw his tantrums, but as a college friend put it once, “I don’t think I’ve ever seen a happier kid.”  I don’t think I have, either.

I’m so proud he’s mine.

Today, that wonderful little boy starts his first day of school, his first day of Pre-K.  This morning he was so grown-up as he got ready for school:  He wanted his Daddy to take his Wuggle Pet off his backpack, because he knew that he wasn’t supposed to have toys at school.  Or maybe it was that he was afraid the boys would make fun of him for having a stuffed animal on his backpack; I don’t know.  But Jared took it off and Liam was pleased.

No tears from this mommy yet, I’m just praying for  his teachers because they’re the same teachers Porter had and they’re in for a surprise with Liam.  If the only thing they can accomplish this year is to have Liam sit quietly for a minute while they talk to the class, I’ll be very pleased.  That’s one thing Liam struggles with, is being quiet.  He’s my clown:

It’s so hard to imagine that my little baby has grown up into this vibrant boy.  It seems like just yesterday that he was this little two-week old baby:

Photo Credit: Griffin Gibson

And so today, it’s Pre-K for Liam.  Both my boys are in school now.  It’s an important milestone for our family and though it means relatively little changes in our routine since Liam had been going to daycare anyway, it still tugged on my heart to see Liam bounce out of the house this morning yelling, “Bye, Mom!”  Jared took him to school and one of his teachers will escort him into the classroom.

I feel so comfy with it because he’s already used to going to “school” with half his pre-K class anyway.  He’s already got so many friends in his class that I wonder if he will even really feel a difference in his day.  And because he’s used to going to daycare, there were no tears when he said goodbye to me and I’m certain it was the same with his Daddy.  Daycare is not the answer or a possibility for a lot of families, I know, but it has sure been the right decision for ours.

So good luck today, Liam.  Mommy will be thinking about you all day long.  I can’t wait to hear about what you did today!

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