I Don’t Get It

Today I feel like ranting.

I generally keep my mouth shut about political stuff and hot-button topics.  Mainly, I worry about offending people.  I have so few friends in my life that I worry about offending anyone.

But today, I feel like taking a stand.

Some things just don’t make sense to me.  I know I would be seen as fairly  (and at times, extremely) liberal by a lot of people, though I see myself more as a moderate in most things.

I’ve watched so many of my friends voice their hard-line opinions online over the last few weeks that, quite frankly, I found offensive.  But I love everyone I keep up with online, so I kept my mouth shut until now.

I’m scared about the upcoming elections.  Our President has done a fantastic job and it also seems like a no-brainer that he should be re-elected, especially given the extremist line that his opponent carries.

It’s painfully difficult for me to express my real opinions openly.  But, here goes…

I’m pro-choice to a point.  That point crosses the line when abortion is for pure convenience.

I’m pro-marriage equality.  Marriage equality is pro-family to me and it’s a serious human rights issue.  Those who say otherwise seem to me to have their eyes and hearts closed to God’s unconditional love.  Intolerance is ignorance and bigotry.

I think our President inherited an absolutely atrocious situation for our country and I think he’s done a fantastic job at starting to turn our country around.  I desperately want him to have four more years in office.

I’m proud that the Affordable Care Act exists.

I’ve bared my soul to express these opinions.  I’m thankful to have this space to vent freely.

Time to get off my soapbox.




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