First Grade for My Sweet Boy!

Porter starts first grade today.  Jared, Liam and I just said goodbye and watched him get on the bus.

That’s Porter doing his run-walk, since we told him not to run across the street.  He was so excited!  But, notice how big his backpack (excuse me, bookbag…Porter hates the word “backpack”) is compared to him:  it’s practically over half his body size and weight, especially filled with his school supplies!

This year there were no tears, just Mama taking lots of pictures, and Daddy holding Liam because he wanted to be held because Liam wasn’t quite awake yet.  Porter is excited about the year, mainly because his best friend is in his class.  He told me this morning that he and his best friend were going to sit beside each other, to which I told him he better behave and not talk to his best friend while the teacher is talking or when they’re supposed to be doing assignments.  I like his best friend a lot, but I hope for the teacher’s sake that she figures out soon that they shouldn’t sit together!

My sweet baby boy is growing up.  The summer went by so fast; it seems like just a couple of days ago I was making our summer plans.  I suppose this is how life goes as they get older and older.  For now, I’ll treasure every “huggie” that boy has for me because I know there may come a day a few years from now when he may not be so keen on giving mom hugs.  Porter is definitely a mama’s boy and I’m glad for it.

He’s sensitive and relatively patient, though every once in a while that 5 year old comes out in him and he has to run around and use that pent-up energy like a little boy should.  Those moments are good for me, because otherwise I forget that he really is only that 5 year old!

This morning, I must have taken nearly 50 pictures like the one below because I wanted to capture every expression.  I love my Porter so.

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