Slow But Steady Progress

The day has been very productive!  Jared kept laundry going while I cleaned the bathrooms, kitchen, floors, and guest room.  I’ve claimed my desk back from its clutter and our dining room table has been cleared off, too.

I know it’s mundane, but I’m excited.  The house is more comfortable when it’s not so dirty and cluttered.  My mood is worse when I’m surrounded by the dirt and clutter and it becomes a vicious cycle of depression and inaction.  Thank goodness I don’t have to face that at the beginning of this week!

No pictures with this post; I haven’t taken any pictures of the house.  I’ve also been taking random shots that aren’t worth posting just for the experience of taking pictures on manual mode, trying to get the right light.

The jump-start to our week will make getting ready for the back-to-school rush much better.  For that, I’m relieved.


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