Are We There Yet?

“I already told you what your choices are, Bud. You can sit there quietly or you can take a nap,” Jared said sternly.

“NO! MMMMM…” [Whine from Liam]. “I can’t wait so long!”

This is what I’m listening to as we drive down the road, headed on a mini-vacation. We’re going to Washington, D.C. for the Fourth of July. We’re all really excited, but getting there from home in Georgia is a chore with little ones, to say the least.

In fairness, the boys have been really good. It’s not easy for me to sit in the car for 12 hours without getting testy, either.

“What is Porter playing?” Liam wants to know about Porter’s video game but Porter’s too engrossed to talk about it.

We’re almost to the Virginia state line. I’m running out of things to do, too. I’ve journaled, edited photos, and perused the blogs for which I’m a usual lurker, using my phone. There’s only so much to do when you’re stuck I’m a car whether you’re 4 or 32.

I long to be at our destination, with my camera out and ready. I’m ready to happily look like a tourist while we’re out and about in D.C. We just can’t get there fast enough.

Turns out I can’t wait so long, either.

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