Yummy Mornings

Waking up early always feels good to me.

It’s still dark outside.  It’s a couple of hours before the boys will wake up and it’s not quite time for Jared’s alarm to go off.   This is the time of the morning that’s my time.

When I wake up this early, I know it will be a good morning.  That’s what I strive for these days:  good mornings.  My afternoons are always hard because I can’t regulate my mood internally as well when I’m tired.  I’m always tired by mid-afternoon.  But mornings, I can get stuff done.  That is, when I’ve gotten a proper start to the day.

So, here I am, in that moment when the birds have just started chirping.  I’ve had my iced coffee and I’m sitting here, typing.   Soon, I will clear the Beyblades off the living room rug and do some yoga.

All is well with the world.

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