St. Simons Fun!

We spent the last four days at St. Simons Island, a very special place to our family.

Friday afternoon, we went to the beach:

Porter liked the water!

But, Liam preferred the sand:

Saturday morning, we went to the pier.  The boys were thrilled to see a boat:

On the pier, the boys loved looking at the waves!

Then we headed to the playground:

Liam loves the rock climbing wall, which makes me very nervous.  He really isn’t afraid of anything!

Lala and B gave the boys new books which they love reading together.  Here, Porter’s reading Unexpected Treasures by Victoria Osteen to his brother:

Sunday morning, we went to the Georgia Turtle Center on Jekyll.  The boys had a fantastic time learning about the importance of taking care of these creatures:

I had a great time getting random shots, this one of the Turtle Center wall:

We went back to the pier Sunday night and I got a few more shots of my favorite place in the world:

Here’s a random one of Liam; I don’t remember when it was taken but it was probably Saturday, given the shirt he’s wearing:

Sunday afternoon I got the chance to go out to Christ Church, another favorite spot.  As I posted on Facebook, that place really is good for my soul.

And, for fun, a pseudo-artsy one of the Christ Church sign:

It was a very relaxing weekend; I think none of us really wanted to go home, but we missed Jared so it was time to get back home!



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