Goodbye, Kindergarten!

Last August, Jared and I put our Porter on a school bus for the very first time.  I was very nervous, sending him off without anyone really knowing him at school and with him not being able to read the signs to get around the building.  But he was more excited to ride the bus than he was to go to school:

He did remember his teacher’s name and he thought he remembered where his classroom was from the open house.  We put a note giving all of his information in his top left shirt pocket, reminded him to give that note to an adult when he got off the bus, kissed him, and said goodbye.  I swore up and down beforehand that I would not cry.  After he got on the bus, though, I went inside and sobbed.

Today is Porter’s last day of Kindergarten.  That cautious little boy that got on the bus that first day of school has turned into a confident boy that has exceeded all of our expectations in his school work.  That little boy who only had one friend in Pre-K, such that his teacher was afraid he was not ready socially to go to school, has made so many friends at school that he actually seems to be fairly popular.  The boy who couldn’t read before Kindergarten is now successfully sounding out by himself words like “fascinating.”  But his favorite subject is math.  But by the grace of God, my child has learned at school that his success is independent of his Daddy and me.  He has learned real internal confidence.  I shudder to think that we nearly held him back a year because of his age.

We watched him get on the bus for his last day of kindergarten a few minutes ago.  The bus where I used to cross the street to put him on the steps, he confidently knows to look both ways and wait for the stop sign to come down before he crosses:

I cannot wait to see what first grade brings for him!

(Yes, there were a few tears for this mommy this morning, too.)



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