Bubbles and Birthdays, Creeks and Endings

I have a four year old now!  Liam’s birthday is today.  We had a bubble-themed party on Saturday, and everyone had a blast!

It’s so hard to believe it’s been four years since that little bitty boy was born.   It seems like just yesterday that he was this baby:

And now he’ll start pre-K in the Fall!

Of course, he had a good time with his presents. That was mostly what he was concerned about.  Once he started opening, there was a frenzy of paper everywhere.  The child had all his presents opened within just a couple of minutes:

Saturday was a morning full of fun with good friends.  We are very, very, lucky, to be part of a group of families that love to get together and spend time with one another!

Sunday was another day of fellowship at yet another friend’s home; she lives on a beautiful creek!  The boys had a great time exploring by the creek in the woods and this mom had a great time taking pictures of it all:

Sunday night the creative group got together, too.  Those ladies are such lovely people and they’re quickly becoming my best friends.  So, it was a whirlwind weekend of fun and fellowship.  This Mama’s tired today!

I can’t rest too long, though, because I told the birthday boy that we would go get him a cupcake this afternoon after I pick him up from his school.

If all that wasn’t enough, tonight my Porter graduates from Kindergarten!!  My baby is such a big boy.  We practiced his spelling this morning; it’s simply amazing to listen to him sound his words out enough to correctly spell them!  He’s grown so much this year in maturity and he’s such a caring, sensitive little boy.  Time is passing too quickly now;  I have to remind myself to cherish each and every moment.  No doubt there will be a picture from his program tonight, to be posted tomorrow.

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