Cricket is Home!

When I was 16 years old, my parents said I could have a new kitten.  We were in the process of moving into a new house and for the first time ever, I was going to be allowed to have an “inside” cat.  I watched the local access cable channel, which posted animals available for adoption from the local shelter, and a picture of the kitty above, looking just like she does today, popped up one day.  It was hard to tell from the picture exactly how big she was, though.  So I went down to visit the shelter and saw her.  She was about 8 weeks old and very petite for her age.  Unfortunately, I was not able to adopt her that day, because I was 16 years old, and I needed to be 18 to adopt.  So I went home, broken-hearted and told my parents about it.

Looking back, I probably bugged the ever-living daylights out of my parents about that cat, I wanted her so badly.  I remember driving up to the shelter with my mom a couple of days after my first visit, and coming out of the shelter driveway, coming toward us, was my Daddy’s truck.  My wonderful Daddy had gone to the shelter to adopt the kitty for me!

She was so little and very spastic.  She jumped a lot, trying to reach the ceiling fan cords, which were at least 8 feet above her.  I fell in love with her instantly.  I named her Cricket because of her jumping habit.

Cricket and I became best buds.  She was there when my first boyfriend moved away.  She was there when I had my first (and second, third, and fourth) psychotic episodes.  When first boyfriend and I broke up, my mom brought her up to my apartment the very next day to live with me.

Cricket and I have very similar personalities.  We both like our space!  She’s definitely not a lap cat, though she likes to have her fur brushed.  She doesn’t eat human food and never has, and she is content to be around you without crowding you.  She is my kind of cat!

Unfortunately, Cricket has proven time and again that she is a very anti-social cat.  She does not like other animals.  When Jared and I got married, Jared already had Murphy, so Cricket had to stay behind with my parents.  They’ve taken care of her for the last 7 years.

When I visited my parents a couple of days ago, I decided that it was time for Cricket to come live with us since Murphy is gone.  She is 16 years old now, and needed a check-up at the vet.  So I brought her home and got her to the doctor yesterday.

Because of some matted fur, she had to be sedated to be groomed.  Being the anti-social cat that she is, the other animals at the vet completely freaked her out.  She was very, very angry with all of us…me first, because she had to go into her crate to get in the car.  Then I was told that she was very, very angry with the vet, so much so that they had to give her extra sedation to get her to calm down.  As such, she was still asleep when I got to take her home last night.

She gave me a scare because she didn’t wake up until nearly 3 this morning.  Since then, she’s been very, very woozy, stumbling around.  I’ve kept a constant eye on her to make sure she didn’t hurt herself.  Finally, at noon today, she ate her entire bowl of food and drank a good bit of water.  I haven’t been that relieved in a long, long time!  She’s settled down now into her  little bed.

The boys know that Cricket is very old and so we need to be very, very patient and gentle and quiet around her.  I am just beyond pleased that my very first baby is home with me.

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