Goodbye, Murphy

Murphy, Murphy.

What can I say about Murphy?

Murph and I did not start out on solidly good terms.  When I met Murphy, on my first trip to visit Jared in Grinnell, Jared was living in campus-owned housing. I believe the first weekend I met Murphy, he jumped from his perch onto my shoulders.  I think he meant to be friendly, but I did not take it well, at all.  From there, we had to learn to share the man we both loved.

Murphy could climb anything and everything.  I remember when Tinker and Murphy were the same size, Murphy could easily pin Tinker down on the floor.

As Murphy aged, he mellowed.  He’s been a lap-cat for some time, as he was nearly 10 years old.  He was a rather belligerent cat, though…if you scolded him, as I often did for trying to drink the boys milk, he talked back.  He would mind and do what you said, but not without letting you know he wasn’t happy about it.

Murph got sick to his stomach this afternoon, so it was an emergency trip to the vet.  As it turns out, his colon was completely obstructed by a 2-3 inch tumor, which was spreading such that it affected his entire intestines.  He never woke up from surgery.

It’s hard on all of us, especially Jared.  But, I suspect that it will be hardest on our Pixie, who will sorely miss her snuggle-buddy.

Goodbye, Murphy.  Thank you for being a great cat and a friend to many.


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