Organizing, Organizing

It’s been a couple of down days here.

I’m looking ahead which means the depression hasn’t totally taken over, but it’s been rough.  Despite this, I scouted out resources all day yesterday for busy work for the boys this summer.  It would seem that, unlike most of the moms out there, I’m in the minority in that my children absolutely LOVE doing worksheets.  We’ve got two days a week this summer already covered, but I’m determined we’re going to do at least one or two artsy projects a week and as many pre-K and Kindergarten worksheets as I can get my hands on this summer.  So, I signed up for a membership to today, as a worksheet source for the boys:

The boys love the tracing sheets they’ve done so far!  I also snagged some little-boy-sized writing paper from Jessica’s freebies at

I really am determined to get everything organized around here despite the pit of despair that takes over in my heart sometimes.  Jared went a long way toward helping me with that this evening, as he built a bookshelf-armoir-thing with doors for us tonight.  We built a bookshelf last night.  Both pieces are now holding most of the books and movies we own, now, as well as my old scrapbooks.  Yay!

There’s one more bookshelf-armoir-thing to put together, which will go on the other side of the plain bookshelf.  But for tonight, I’m satisfied.




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