Sleepy is Good

Whenever I lose sleep, I have to do some serious self-checks.

I did not sleep well last night.

Correction… I didn’t sleep much at all last night.  As in, I don’t remember if I slept at all.

Now, I’ve slept well until last night.  As my psychiatrist would say, I’m human first and foremost, I’m not my illness.  As such, I’m allowed the occasional off night.  As it happens, last night I played with Pixelmator and tinkered with CSS here.  I just got caught up and next thing I knew, it was 5:30 am.

But whenever I don’t sleep, I have to worry a little.  One night isn’t the end of the world, but if tonight doesn’t go well, I’ll have to start the Trileptal back again.  And then if that doesn’t work, I’ll have to start the Lithium again.  And if all that happens, I’ll have to pay an impromptu visit to my amazing pdoc.  While I really, really like him, I don’t want to have to show up for a random visit to his office.  I seriously don’t want any of that to happen, so I’ll be doing everything in my power to get a solid 8-10 hours of sleep tonight.

The good news:  I feel like I could go to sleep right now and sleep until Sunday.

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