On Being Home with the Boys

Summer is fast approaching!  The boys will be at home with me this summer and I’m trying to psych myself up for it.  Actually, Liam is staying home with me already and Porter will resume riding the bus home to the house next week.  I think it will be fun as long as I remember that this is temporary, that I need to savor every moment.  Next year, Liam will be in pre-K; both my babies will be in school.

They really are good kids, they just need a little direction.  Liam needs help entertaining himself.  He doesn’t like to play by himself like Porter does.  So, I’m trying to fill up the calendar now so there are things to constantly look forward to.  I’ve already got 1 VBS on the calendar with the intent to sign them up for a second week later.  There will be things to do in the city and their great-grandmother to visit weekly.  We’re hoping for a visit out West (though I don’t know if family out there knows it yet!  Be warned…) sometime this summer.  so really, the time will fly by, I suspect.

As an aside, what do you do with kids who call your child names?  My boys know it’s not nice to call each other and other kids names, but it breaks my heart that other kids are mean sometimes.  I’m not going to repeat the name that Porter got called today, it wasn’t nice.  But it was from a child we’ve known for a while and we thought was his friend.  I’m a firm believer that he has to work these things out himself, but…I wish for Porter a little easier social time in school than I had, or than Jared had.

Anyway, the summer is coming up soon and it will be fun.

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