Beautiful Friday!

Iris at Mother and Daddy’s House

It’s such a beautiful April day outside.  Liam and I have spent the day together, mostly visiting with my grandmother and a cousin.  It was a really good morning, but I’m beat.  Liam, however, is still full of energy!  This morning, we started the day outside as he played some golf in the driveway:

When we got to Grandma and Grandpa’s, we played outside for a little bit.  Liam had his truck and he batted a beach ball around in the yard for a little while.  It’s just too pretty to stay inside all day long!

I also got some more pictures of old photos. Unfortunately, a lot of them are unlabeled, or are in photo albums like the one below, where I cannot see the back to be able to identify the person.  But, I think this lady is gorgeous:

It’s been a very good day.

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