Grandpa took boys and me to the strawberry patch yesterday.  Liam had a fantastic time picking, while Porter was mostly content to watch.  We ended up with about 3 gallons of strawberries…yum!

Liam didn’t want to stop picking and it took a few minutes to teach him that the green ones needed to stay while the red ones were okay to pick.  But once he caught on, he filled his bucket fast!

Porter tried picking, but he wasn’t crazy about it.  He wanted to count how many strawberries he had instead of just picking and not worrying about it.  Then he got upset because Liam was filling his bucket faster than Porter could keep up.

Porter stopped picking himself when he had around 17 strawberries, I think.  But he was more than happy to hold the bucket while Grandpa picked more strawberries!

There were animals at the farm too.  I was surprised that both boys were willing to get as close as they were to the animals…Porter practically let this one kiss him:

We had to go see the cows up close!

A good time was had by all!  We highly recommend Southern Belle Farm in Henry County; it’s a family farm and they always have fantastic family events.  The two we’ve been to are the Spring Strawberry Patch and the Fall Pumpkin Patch, where we easily spent the mid-day going through the maze, picking out a pumpkin, and watching all the animals.

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