Sick and Indecisive

Sickness has found our house.

First it was Porter, who woke up with a sore throat 2 weeks ago.  Strep positive, but we were assured that after he’d been on antibiotics for 24 hours, he could go back to school.

In the meantime, Liam had green snot, so he went to the doctor the next day.  Sinus infection turned nasty.  Three different medicines, including an antibiotic.

So, flash forward two weeks, and we woke up to Porter saying, “My neck hurts.”  Back to the doctor.  Still strep positive.  And, since Liam’s snot bordered on the brownish side, back to the doctor he went, in the same appointment as Porter.  Still sinus infection from Hades.

Then, Sunday, I felt increasingly blah.  Jared made me go to the doctor yesterday and it turns out that I have bronchitis that may be turning into pneumonia.  Potentially, pneumonia caused by strep.  This afternoon is the first time that I haven’t felt like sleeping straight through, but I am about to take a nap, so I suppose I shouldn’t speak too soon.

As usual, I’ve entertained myself by tinkering with blog design.  I’ve gone totally simplistic and I think I like it, but I’ll have to wait for the ever-right-critic Jared to give his say.  He’s generally right.

I have also done some side-writing, some memoir-ish stuff instead of just the daily diary grind fodder.  I’ll see if I can post some of it later today, maybe.

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