Contemplation and Validation

It’s been several days since I posted here and that’s because I’ve been doing some seriously heavy contemplation, as I went on a spiritual retreat last weekend.  Here’s what I’ve learned:

  • There are groups of women out there who will support you through anything and with whom you can share anything without fear of being judged but instead showing kindness, empathy, and love.
  • I’ve been loved my whole life and I’ve taken it for granted. (This is the most humbling lesson of all.)
  • I’m done being bitter about my past.  Reality is, each of my difficult times have been deep learning experiences that have made me a stronger person.  It’s time to be grateful for those lessons and to be more compassionate toward others.

If I take nothing else from the incredible weekend I had last weekend, these three things will be enough.  I’m still decompressing from the weekend, though,  and I know there will be more that comes to the surface.  In time, I hope to be able to share more things I’ve learned, like more focused meditation and how I was affected spiritually, but for now those are intimately private things that are still swimming around in my head.  I came ready to be a more compassionate wife and mother, I can tell you that much right now.  The experience has already made a tangible difference in my family life.

I wrote about dreaming last week and if anything, I received affirmation that at the very least, supporting Jared as he explores turning his dreams into action is the right thing to do.  I felt encouragement through the ladies I met to continue exploring what I ultimately want to do vocationally.  Ultimately, I think I’ve decided that writing about my life experiences is such a source of joy for me that I want to find a way to use it somehow in whatever I end up doing, whether it’s volunteer work or a paid job.

It feels so good to have the stirrings I felt last week validated.

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