I Nearly Sold Out

Good grief.  I could kick myself, I really could.  I really did nearly sell myself out here on this space I love so very much, this space where I spend hours tinkering with words and design.

I did a makeover on the site today.  I like it a lot better; it feels a lot like Spring cleaning does when I actually do it at home.  I also did some re-thinking on the approach I was about to take, an approach which changed last week.

I started accepting real advertising on this site last week.  I don’t want to sell things to my readers, I really don’t.  Most of the advertisements that appeared here over the last week are organizations that I have admired for a long time.  I still do admire them.  But then I started to think a little harder about my own “branding,” so to speak.  I want to remain credible.

I’ve come back to my senses on this topic.  You’ll see there are still books, of course, and these are still books that we actually own; these are among my very favorites ever.  Otherwise, there is currently one lone advertisement, and it is for a company whose products we actually own and I can wholeheartedly endorse.

That’s my new policy.  I’ll advertise for people I believe in.  I’ll advertise for products I actually use and adore.  I’ll advertise for books that are fantastic.

No more selling out.  It’s not worth it.



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