New Discoveries of Old

We visited my parents this afternoon and I visited their basement with the intention of taking a picture of their cat, Cricket.  I got distracted, though, for there are treasures in my parents’ basement.  The first one, I sort of went looking for on purpose after I got downstairs:

I was baptized at Stockbridge Presbyterian Church on February 10, 1980.  The calligraphy was done by Miss Lona.

My baptism and my spiritual life in general are on my mind because I will be going on a retreat next weekend.

Then, I decided to see if I could find other old family pictures.  I specifically wanted to find if I could find one of Charles Porter Wynn, my great-grandfather for whom Porter was named.  No such luck.  But I found another pleasant surprise instead:

Ike. Inscription says “1943”

The above picture is one of my grandmother.  She was really good to me when I was little.  She died when I was 14.

Just for fun, I took a snap of the picture of Inez that hangs in my parents house.  The picture was done when she was a toddler.  I’ve always thought it was gorgeous.

Baby Inez, born in 1897

That’s all for now.


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