Crossing the Line

I’m going into new territory today, territory that some say is crossing the line.

I am going to start referring to my children by their real names on this blog.

Their entire lives, whenever I have written online about my children some place besides the social media outlets where I’m “friends” with people I generally know in person, I’ve given each of my children a pet name.  I did this under the guise of trying to protect my children and their identities.  I’ve discussed the pro’s and con’s of nicknames and abbreviations with Jared, my husband, and we have come to the conclusion that it’s not that hard to discover their real names anyhow, so I might as well give up the farce and be truly authentic.  I also just had a surprisingly mature conversation with my 5 year old, in which he said he would much rather be known by his real name than some tv character’s name.  We continue to protect our children and their identities in the same way we protect our own, but they are real people who deserve real recognition for their accomplishments and milestones.

My oldest was first known as “Baby Bump.”  For a long while now, he’s been known as “Be-Bop.”  His real name is Porter.  Porter is 5 years old.

My youngest was “Sprout,” then “Rock Steady.”  His real name is Liam.  Liam is 3 but will turn 4 years old soon.

I went to a communications workshop yesterday geared toward a different audience than bloggers, but the material was all applicable to what I do here.  Part of my introspection, which we were encouraged to do, has been to reaffirm for myself my desire to be truly authentic with everyone in my life, even my readers.  I will continue to consult with Jared now, and with Porter and Liam as they grow older, about the amount and types of information we agree that I may share on this blog.

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