Terrariums, Birdhouses, and Minimal TV

We’re faithfully following the growth of the terrarium Be-Bop made at church.  Be-Bop loves to check on it every day!

Be-Bop made this last Sunday. We think it’s grown a lot!

Unfortunately, this mom has taken her time in listening to Be-Bop’s continued requests to paint a birdhouse he also made at church.  This is mostly because the successful birdhouses I’ve seen, birdhouses that my GaGa used to make, were all un-painted.  Do birds prefer unpainted birdhouses? I’m not sure.  But Be-Bop really, really wanted his birdhouse painted.  So, we did it this morning.  Confession:  I actually painted the birdhouse because I felt certain it was against mommy protocol somewhere to let a five-year-old play with spray-paint.  Be-Bop was not happy about this situation, but I have promised him that he can color and draw on it to his heart’s content when it dries.  So, Be-Bop and Rock Steady sat on the porch and watched while I painted the birdhouse out in the yard.

We painted the birdhouse a neutral color because, well, it’s the only paint I had in the garage.

Be-Bop confessed something to me yesterday while it was just the two of us at home.  He doesn’t really like watching TV!  This is a happy thing, but as he said it I felt a large twinge of guilt because of the house of TV the boys have watched thus far in their little lives.  This mama is going to work much harder at not relying on television as a babysitter because I can confess I’ve heavily relied on it for babysitting services in the past, while I got other tasks done around the house.  There, I said it.  I’ve got “bad mom” guilt associated with my television dependence, only assuaged by the fact that less than 30 minutes ago, Be-Bop announced, “I love my super-mom!”

Today is Friday, which means it’s Family Night for us.  Still trying to think of ideas; I’m thinking of asking J if we can take the boys to the movies.  We played board games last Friday night.  We’ll go to the park this afternoon.  Anybody able to think of something else we could do with them on a budget?

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