Playing at Home

Be-Bop is home sick today.   We’re just home from the doctor and he’s got a not-contagious but miserable-feeling sinus infection.  So, we’re entertaining ourselves inside on what’s a beautiful day outside.

He wanted to practice spelling this morning and here are the words he picked out and spelled himself, with some very minor help from mom:

Be-Bop spelled “exit” all by himself. We worked on “Georgia” together. “Volcano,” he only needed to know if it was a “c” or a “k” in the middle. And he knew “ow” or “ou” should be in the middle of “south.” I was impressed!

While Be-Bop takes a nap this afternoon, I’ll be knitting.  I’ve gotten into knitting scarves out of Red Heart Boutique Sashay lacy yarn because I seem to have no patience whatsoever enough to knit  other patterns right now.  Of course, it’s getting warmer, so there won’t be a call for scarves for a while.  Just means that I’ve got time to stock up!  Here are some of the colors I picked up last week:


And here’s the one I hope to finish today:

so very soft…

I didn’t believe it when I first started them, but these scarves are so simple to make.  You just work the top of the yarn, casting on your number of stitches, and just plain knit-stitch until it’s done.  I’ve cast on 8 stitches for the example above, but you can cast on what you want, depending on how long the scarf should be.  I finished my second scarf in about 3 1/2 hours, which makes it a record-time knitting project for me!

Of course, it’s just like me to have play time before work time.  By the time J gets home from work and Rock Steady is home from preschool, it will be time for dinner and some housework.  I never can resist playtime first!

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