Ode to My Be-Bop

This child, my Be-Bop, is so very smart.  His pre-K teachers weren’t sure he was ready for big-school kindergarten, but he has excelled beyond everyone’s expectations.  Last night, his homework was to list ten things that are green, and he did it in three minutes, without help.  The night before last, we sat down and learned about family heritage and I drew a primitive family “tree,” including Be-Bop (and Rock Steady, because he had to include his brother), us, and all of Be-Bop’s grandparents.  The creative little guy figured out how to draw trees with his crayons on top of my charts, so that they did indeed, look like trees!

And he’s so sensitive and caring.  I only hope I express to him how much I love him in return, He tells me several times a day, “I love you, Mom!”  Such a sweet little boy.

You would never know that Be-Bop had been a preemie if I didn’t tell you so.  The child grew to his age-appropriate weight, even compared with his peers, within two months of birth.  He was always so happy as a baby…there’s this video of Be-Bop laughing for the first time, me making an utter-fool of myself because I was so elated to hear my child laugh for the first time.  By the time he was a year old, he was a very happy, healthy boy.  I was (and am) so very thankful.

He’s such a good big brother, too.  He loves Rock Steady and looks out for him, as was evidenced above when I first drew the family tree with just Be-Bop and Be-Bop insisted that Rock Steady be included.  He plays well with his little brother and I believe he loves him pretty fiercely.

I’m just so proud of him, as I am of my whole little family.  I love the three men in my life so much that it just fills me up with gratitude.  Just smitten with them all.


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