My Rock Steady

Today, before he wakes up, Rock Steady is on my mind.

We got a comment once that Rock Steady is the happiest child that person has ever seen.  He’s one of the happier children I’ve ever known, it’s true.

Don’t get me wrong.  Rock Steady has his normal three year old temper tantrums.  He’s willful, he pitches fits; mostly he does it when we won’t let him do something by himself.

Sometimes it’s hard to believe I am this child’s mother or that he is related to any of us, based on his personality.  He is boistrous and outgoing. For example, last Wednesday, he ran straight head-on into our church’s fellowship hall and demanded our pastor’s attention just before the prayer, in front of a whole group of people.  (Sorry, folks!)

He loves Dora and Diego equally well, and he loves his brother.  Rock Steady simply idolizes Be-Bop in a way that I could never have anticipated when he was this itty bitty baby:

Nor would I have imagined, quite frankly, that Rock Steady would be the adorable, cute little one he is based on the picture above.  He’s the spitting image of J in the picture of this 2-week old.  J is handsome to me, of course, but his grown-up face on a baby…well, I better stop there before I get myself in trouble.  Anyway, J had his cute phase as a toddler and I’m glad Rock Steady is getting his, too.  I never would have thought that his hair would change colors.  This toddler would be unrecognizable as my child, my little baby, if I hadn’t watched the transformation take place before my eyes:


Rock Steady has turned life on end in our family in his lifetime thus far and I expect no less from him throughout his life.  Except for one minor illness that we need to keep an eye on but has thus far caused him no trouble (Chiari Malformation), this child is as healthy as they come.

He’s curious about the world around him, and he is genrally sweet.  He loves our “family nights,” as we had last night; he was traipsing all around the room gleefully as we played our Busytown board game.  And he loves Be-Bop and Rock Steady and Mommy days, like we recently had at the aquarium:

I’m positively smitten with my baby boy.  What else can I say?


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