Surprise Blessings at Home

We are determined to de-clutter and organize our home.  In a small step toward that end, an interior designer friend came over this morning and consulted with J and me as to how to go about better making better use of our space.

After she left, I started some laundry and started to work in the kitchen.  There were some Macy’s boxes in the cabinet and I found a surprise:

Wedding presents!


Now, my good china is going nowhere.  I was just pleased to find more of it.

It was refreshing to hear that we have too much “stuff.”  It’s a liberating feeling to hear that in order to organize ,we need to get rid of some things.  Furniture, clothes, just random knick-knacks:  lots of it has to go.

It’s funny how I knew all of this anyway but that it took someone outside our family to tell me this to get me motivated.  I’ve worked most of the afternoon.  It’s so good to feel productive.

It’s a real blessing to feel invested in our home again.



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