On Being Edgy

J says he doesn’t get my sense of style.  I’m a little “edgy,”  though I don’t consider myself over the top with it.

Example of my edgy: a few months ago, I had blue hair!

I got my nose pierced on Friday, for the 4th time.

Let me clarify.  I’ve had it pierced in the same place 3 times before.  There aren’t 4 different holes!  It’s pierced in the same place right now as it is in the above picture.

I’ve been into piercing for a long time.  When I was 21, I got the over-popular navel piercing.  That same year I got the more unusual tragus of both ears pierced.  At least, it was more unusual then.  I’ve had my first ear lobes pierced since I was 6.

That was it for the navel and tragus were it for a couple of years.  In 2004, I got a wild hair and got my tongue pierced for the first time.  It only lasted for a couple of months because I couldn’t stand not being able to talk normally.  Besides, I had a reason for getting my tongue pierced at the time; I openly admitted that I was rebelling from my perception of J’s relatively conservative nature.

Over the years, I’ve had my tongue pierced 3 different times, and as I said before, Friday was the fourth time I’ve pierced my nose.   I went a little nuts last Spring and got my nose, tongue, and navel each pierced again at the same time and a couple of weeks later, I got each second ear lobe done.

Then, there are my tattoos.  There’s one on each wrist.  I did the first one on a whim, when I visited a shop with a friend.  Then I got the other one because I decided I wanted some balance, as odd as that may say.  My first tattoo is an ambigram of “serenity,”  the other is below:

It says Faith one way, upside down it says Hope

I will say, it’s interesting to be an established customer of both my piercer and my tattoo artist.  They’re both nice guys.  In fact, my piercer gave me a break on Friday and introduced me to a clear nose bead, for those instances when I need to appear more conservative (that’s the whole reason I’ve taken it out three times before).

I think I’ve done all the body modification I will do.  Can’t say that I’ll never do blue or purple hair again, though.  That’s just plain fun and the boys love it!

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