Tutorial: How to be Slobby-Chic

The following is for inspiration in jumpstarting your own creativity in slob-land!  Please note:  we have two children in our home but after a year of serious introspection, we’ve concluded that the big, hard-to-clean-up messes are generated by the adults in our household.  So, no children necessary for the above effect!

Here’s our own slobby-chic secrets disclosed:

First, the best rule for creating a mess like the one above is, when checking mail daily, do not ever put the mail down in the same place in your house.  This creates not only the best kind of confusion, but it also lends to the papers-everywhere kind of effect, seen above in the background.  Then, do not open said mail for at least two weeks.

Second rule, but similar to the first:  Simply put down your things when you walk in the front door, right where you are.  If you have a table nearby, it helps, but right on the floor can capture the same effect.  You don’t see it in the picture above, but there’s a similar mess in our foyer.

Laundry:  Only do laundry once a month, in a big laundry-fest that lasts several days.  In between, clothing can be stored in laundry bins until they fit to overflowing and beyond, onto the floor.  If clothing flow becomes a problem, it’s simply an excuse to shop the nearby thrift stores for excellent finds.

Groceries:  Don’t forget that you must keep all old food past expiration!  Refrigerated foods must go not more often than once in a couple of months.  Clean out expired canned goods not more than once a year.

Dishes:  Cook one big meal or dish, preferably one to be taken out to a friend’s or to church.  Then, do NOT wash the dishes from the meal.  Do not wash the blender, mixer, or any other kitchen utensils until whatever you cooked is dried and fully caked onto the utensil.  This mess becomes the inspiration for not washing other dishes…my personal favorite is, when all dishes are dirty, you must wash cups and dishes individually such that only one dish per person is clean at the time.  This is my standard for ultimate slob-hood.

Now, I do not propose that poor personal habits should be part of the slobby-chic lifestyle.  However, my kids have been creative.  Here’s what Be-Bop did to his wall, to get into the act, until we caught him and put a stop to it:

We’ve also got similar additions in our living room, now primarily thanks to Rock Steady.  The boys said they just wanted to help, after all!

Happy end to 2011 from our household to yours!

*Note:  Slobby-chic is NOT cool, nor is it a comfy way to live.  I do not advocate it!  I’ve simply been real with this blog post about how we’ve lived for the last year.  May we progress to simply “chic” instead of “slobby-chic” in 2012!  ~C

PS… anybody want to come help me paint over the booger-walls?  🙂

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