Disability: Official

Disability is official.

J says I need to stop trying to make something bad out of this and just relax.  He’s right; that’s what this is about:  giving myself a break to relax and to continue to get better.  My brain is simply doing what it always does, by looking for the dark lining to the sunshine-y clouds.

It’s just so shocking to be approved at the application level.  I just assumed out of hand that I would be denied.  I still can’t believe I was approved.

I wasn’t denied, I was approved.

My counselor at the Local Friendly Mental Ward tells me that she wishes I could look at this as what it actually is:  that I have a condition that prevents me from holding down gainful employment, just as does someone who has a physical illness that prevents them from working.

Somehow, though, I can’t let myself relax about it yet.  Typical; I rarely relax.

One thing is settled, though.  Rock Steady goes to his favorite school full-time again starting Monday.  This is good for both me and him.

Now, to concentrate on building a new routine that allows me to be at my best when both boys get home from school.

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