Be-Bop’s Birth Story

My Favorite Picture of Baby Be-Bop

No good mommy’s blog is complete without her babies’ birth stories!  I noticed recently that I didn’t have Be-Bop’s birth story here.  So, below is Be-Bop’s story.

Our birth story was not at all what I’d expected would happen.  I was used to having contractions, and somewhere mid-morning on August 24, 2006, I noticed they were a tad on the dull-painful side.  I went about my business doing laundry and cleaning around the house, but I did go ahead and gather our stuff together just in case.  I did it, though, thinking I was being paranoid as usual.  One thing I’ve learned about being a mommy, is that my instinct is generally right on target!

J came home for lunch around noon.  I’d been timing these new kind of contractions between 4 and 8 minutes apart and we debated whether or not to call our family doctor or whether to go straight to the big city hospital or whether to just sit and wait.  After J went back to work, I had a much stronger contraction that made me decide to call our family doc, who said to come on into his office.  I still just knew I was being paranoid, especially since I’d done practically the same thing earlier in that week.  I got to his office and he said I was 3 cm dilated and that there were definitely changes in effacement since my exam earlier in the week.  We lived in a really small Iowa town at the time, and there was no hospital between ours and the big city one.  So, my doctor shut down his practice to ride in the ambulance along with us to the big city hospital.

J took Tinkerbell to the vet for boarding and still managed to beat us to the big city hospital; the one available ambulance had to take another patient to another hospital in another part of the state before we could even hit the road.  So baby and I had to wait about 45 minutes before we could go.

We got to the hospital about 5 pm and I was still at 4 cm, though things progressed fairly quickly from there.  I managed to hit 9 cm pretty quickly with little effort, but it took some strong contractions to get completely dilated.  My body completely took over the pushes then; I couldn’t control the pushing urge and I only had about 4 pushes that I had to exert myself for there at the end.

Be-Bop arrived at 9:26 pm on August 24, 2006.  There was only one ibuprofen for pain control throughout the whole thing.  Be-Bop was crying before he was even out all the way, and though they were examining him carefully, there was no emergency-style rush off to the NICU immediately.  I wasn’t interested in holding him because I was so shaky from birth and from the pain from a few stitches, which hurt nearly as much as the actual pushing.  J got to hold Be-Bop for about 15 minutes before they headed off to get settled in the NICU.

He had a pretty stable first day; they did intubate him because he was just not getting quite enough oxygen on his own and because of some shallow, fast breathing.  They did a 7-day round of antibiotics in case the prematurity was due to an infection, but all his bloodwork was “beautiful” from the start.  The nurses were all fabulous.

Be-Bop arrived at 34 and 1/2 weeks; he was originally due on October 2.  We spent 5 weeks in the hospital with him because he kept having bradycardia spells.  He came home on September 30, 2006.

I don’t care to re-hash those 5 weeks of hospitalization; those of you who know me know what a time of purgatory it was for us.  We have a happy, healthy, brilliant 5 year old now and I’m thankful for that.


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