I Can’t Believe I Missed World Prematurity Awareness Day

But, here’s my post about my preemies:

What can I say about my two precious little boys, each of whom arrived in this world early?  They light up my life.

Be-Bop is, I think, the most sensitive person I know.  He’s smart, he’s creative.  He’s a really, really good big brother and he’s just astounded us all with how well he has done since he started school.  I love him with all my heart.

When I think about Rock Steady, I think about a “funny bulldozer.”  He felt that way when he was in my tummy before he was born, and he runs and laughs without fear of anything now.  Despite being in the throes of three-year-old tantrums, he’s still the happiest kid I know.  And I love him with all my heart, too.

You know, I could go through the hellish stories that were each of their pregnancies and birth times, but it kind of seems pointless now.

Suffice it to say that Be-Bop was born at 34 1/2 weeks with serious lung issues, weighing a little over 4 pounds.  We spent 5 weeks in the hospital and each of those days, I was prepared for the possibility that he might never get to come home.

Be-Bop is, as I was continually told over and over again stories of, one of those five year olds who was born early and is doing just fine now.  Some days I can scarcely believe he is the same kid that was that baby.  But then he’ll get a certain expression on his face that I recognize as being one I saw on that baby’s face, and I know for sure there’s no mistaking it:  he’s my Be-Bop, the same one I sat in that hospital room being mad at God, the world, and myself with.  Be-Bop’s growing has been a lesson in forgiveness for me, as odd as that may sound.

And Rock Steady…*sigh* Rock Steady’s outlook was much, much worse from the beginning, as my pre-term labor started at 29 weeks.  But together, he and I were determined that he wasn’t going to go through what his brother did, and sure enough, technically he wasn’t a preemie as he came 19 minutes after midnight of the day that was 36 weeks for him.  But man, that kid had us all scared for a while.

Having preemies changed my life in the big ways that having children always changes a person, but it changed it in little ways too.  For example, whenever we go to McDonald’s, I have to put change in that little box for the Ronald McDonald House because those folks were so good to us when Be-Bop was in the hospital.  And though I might have wanted to learn to knit anyway, I’ve been driven to practice and practice more because eventually, I am determined that I will knit baby booties and send them to a NICU like the one where Be-Bop spent so much time.

Having a preemie is a club I would never have asked to join.  I’m very thankful my boys’ stories are happy ones, but today I’ll be thinking of my friends on that NICU unit whose babies were so very sick.


This post is a tribute to babies Easton and Joey.  Without your Mommies’ support, I don’t know how I would have gotten through baby Be-Bop’s days.


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