The Cutest Audio of 3-Year Old Be-Bop and Update on Me

Yesterday, J sent me the cutest file of Be-Bop singing the “Winnie the Pooh” song.  He was three at the time.  I have to share:


If anyone ever hears me considering switching from my current psychiatrist again, please remind me that I have the best “pdoc” ever and I should count my blessings and banish those thoughts completely. 🙂

I don’t dislike the pdoc at the Local Friendly Mental Ward, I don’t.  But, all I had to say was “I hate Remeron and I won’t take it anymore,”  and my wonderful regular pdoc made a new plan.  I am back on my regular regimen (pre-Local Friendly Mental Ward.  Yay!) and there’s a supposed new wonder-drug for depression that I am to try.

Since Monday morning, I have been building toward sticking to my new schedule I set for myself when I was still in IOP.  This morning, I did my Inhale yoga for the first time in a few months.  It felt heavenly and the boys tried it with me.  The boys’ participation is probably what made it feel so good; I can remember doing my yoga routine while I was pregnant and daydreaming that my kids would one day be trying it with me.  🙂  And best of all, Be-Bop, at least, said he loved it.

It will be a good day.  I know it will.


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