Tired…and News on Be-Bop

I’m tired and it’s only early afternoon!  I’ve been in the Friendly Local Mental Ward’s outpatient program for the last few weeks, five days a week.  I stepped down in care from five days a week to three days a week yesterday.  Today is my first day at home by myself.  I’ve had plenty to keep me busy because I’m getting ready to be in a craft fair on Saturday, but it’s just hitting me now that I’ve got to stick to my routine.  I did well by trying to get ready for this fair, but I skipped Thursday morning yoga which would have made me feel better physically.  Following my set schedule has been a real problem– it’s part of the reason I went into treatment– and I really don’t know where to start.

We found out on Monday that Be-Bop is legally blind in one eye.  I’ve had a little bit of a hard time with this news though I haven’t let on as though it has bothered me.  Reality is that this is his normal and it’s always been his normal.  He’s got big beautiful blue eyes and we don’t have to worry about him being ridiculed for it…no one knows unless we tell them.  But it was a really odd feeling, walking out of the eye doctor’s office with no glasses because his eyesight in that eye was bad enough that glasses were not going to help.





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