Still Alive…

Here I am, a week into outpatient treatment, and I’m marginally better.  Yay!

There’s a plan!  As part of my treatment plan, I document my mood every day on a scale from 0 to 10.   I’ve made a bunch of lists regarding severity of my symptoms and corresponding coping techniques I can do to deal with the symptoms.  I’m also charting out my symptoms on a 0 to 10 scale; 0 being depressed and 10 being manic.  The concrete lists will help when I’m feeling too down or too spastic to think of things to do on my own.  The point is not to do away with the illness completely, just to have a plan to deal with it.  I plan to make a pretty posterboard chart I can laminate, something I refer to and put wherever I want around the house.  Maybe I’ll make a pocket version too.

I’m also working on just plain accepting my own limitations within my illness, something I’ve admitted recently is still a major issue for me.

My meds got adjusted, which is good.  I’m no longer on Ritalin and that fact has taken some adjustment.  My sleep is still a little off but it’s getting better.  I’m on Remeron for the sleep issues.  My doctor said to day that my sleep may still be a tad off because I’m still getting used to no Ritalin.

So anyway, that’s what’s going on with me.  The boys are better, though Be-Bop is still coughing a little bit.  We’re all determined to have a good weekend, with me visiting with a friend from out of town and J going to play cards.

Happy weekend, everyone!





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