Sickness has found our house. :(

Well, we were headed to a wedding this weekend. We got as far as Greenville, SC on our drive up, though, and decided that Be-Bop’s breathing sounded too raspy. So we stopped at a children’s hospital ER and after a chest x-ray, sure enough: Be-Bop’s croup has developed into pneumonia. His oxygen levels were still in safe levels but they were lower than our first ER visit last week. The poor baby… he had to have a shot in each leg to jump-start his antibiotic treatment and he’s now got antibiotics to take at home. We are to follow up with his pediatrician when they open in the morning.

An aside…I discovered that knitting needles are not allowed in hospitals.

Because we were closer to Asheville than home, we did continue on and stay at our hotel one night. We got to visit briefly with Grandpa J and Grandma P, which was great…we were all very glad to see them. But we just couldn’t chance getting anybody else sick or tiring Be-Bop out any more than necessary, so here we are, home early. We didn’t make it to church this morning because of the pneumonia. Plus, I’ve gotten Be-Bop’s cold and Rock Steady is not sounding completely well either (he’s got a little cough), so…it turns out that this may be a contagious cold after all. Ugh!

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