Croup is Bad News

Well, we ended up at the ER last night for what I thought was Be-Bop’s asthma and we were at the doctor again today for it…it turns out to not be Be-Bop’s asthma acting up though– it’s croup.

I suppose I should count my blessings where they are, because Be-Bop has gone for nearly a year without any bad breathing episodes. His oxygen levels were good last night, but he sounded bad last night and he sounded equally bad this morning. So he stayed home from school today. One steroid shot was his treatment and he’s supposed to be better in a couple of days. The doctor cleared him to go to school if he feels up to it.

BTW, I’m out of NaBloPoMo this month. As much as I love posting, I just didn’t get to it yesterday with Be-Bop’s issues. Most months when I drop out, I feel like cursing because I’ve forgotten to post. BUt not this month…I definitely know where my priorities are.

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