I Keep Posting without Titles

Yesterday, I carefully took pictures of the boys at the piano and of the piano itself, not documenting the royal mess that was behind the piano.

But we’re scheduled to have company on Saturday, so this place has got to be cleaned up!!  I’ve got five days!

Today I didn’t knock myself out, but I did get some stuff done.  Laundry sorted.  Sheets stripped off the beds and washed.  I figure I’ve got fifteen loads of laundry ahead of me.

So, I stopped here for a while and went and played with the camera.  We’ve got a cheap Kodak Easyshare and I’ve never tampered with the factory settings.  However, here are some of the shots I got after tampering.  I can tell a slight difference but we’ve got bad lighting in the house.  First, I’ll start with the above-mentioned laundry:

Next, because the photo box is in the same room as I sorted laundry, here is an updated cameo shot:

Then I started taking all kinds of shots around the house.  After feeling triumphant at having gotten the laundry and cameo to not look grainy, I only had mediocre success around the house.

First, the favorite book from Be-Bop’s birthday (I cackled for a good long while at this one and Be-Bop actually likes it):

Those are my faves.  I did manage to get pics of Stella and Murphy, but they’re not the greatest ever so I’m not posting them.

I’m off to do some more boring housework, maybe I’ll document along the way.  Kind of breaks up the time and it’s fun!

All for now.


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