My Children are Budding Musicians!


Here are Be-Bop and Rock Steady, playing the piano a few minutes ago.  This makes me very happy!

Of course it’s all jumbled mess.  But the point is, they’re interested.  Porter’s interest is fleeting, but Liam asks more and more these days to play.  He will sit and play for upwards of twenty minutes if I can manage to stand the racket.  And he will sit and listen to me play as long as I will let him do that, as well.

I started taking lessons in first grade.  With Porter in Kindergarten, it’s on my mind to start him now.  But with him, it’s hard to tell if he really wants to do it or not.  With Liam, there’s no question:  as soon as he’s old enough that we can find a teacher for him, I know the child will want to learn to play.

Watching the boys play got me to wondering about the origin of the piano.  I know that it came to my house when I started taking lessons when I was a little girl, that its label says Jesse French, and that it’s not worth a lot.  But when was it made?  After some research I now know that I could find this out by looking at the serial number.  However, seeing as how our tv currently sits on top of the piano, I’m not inclined to look at the moment.  I’m just not that curious.

It plays and makes me happy, even if it is badly in need of tuning after at least four moves since its last tuning.  That’s enough for me.

These keys have seen me through a lot of life.  🙂







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