Muffin and Me, Early 2002

I got a call a little while ago from an ex.  Muffin is dying.  She is probably actually gone now, by the time I’m writing this.

I actually didn’t have Muffin for very long.  I guess maybe six months.  I adopted her to give Cricket, my cat, a companion.  Well, that went over like you might imagine it, for those of you who know Cricket personally.  And, Cricket being my baby and my priority, Muffin had to go live somewhere.  Luckily, I was dating a super-nice guy at the time, who decided he could take her in.

C has taken very, very good care of her all these years since.  Muffin was not a young cat when I adopted her, and C has seen to it that she had a good home.  And, though goodness knows we broke up a long time ago, he’s kept me up-to-date on how Muffin is doing throughout the years.  He told me several weeks ago that Muffin had to have several teeth taken out.  I suspected then that it wouldn’t be long.

So, Muffin, thank you for being a sweet cat to me and for sharing a space with another cat, a dog, and two girls for a short while.  And, thank you for putting up with Cricket’s meanness.  Cricket can’t help it, she comes by it honestly (through me).  And, most of all, thank you for keeping my friend company all these years.  You have been an excellent cat for him.

Cricket and Muffin, hiding from Addison in my room. They hated each other but they hated the dog more. 🙂 My funniest, happy memory of them together.

And, C, if you read this, thank you for watching out for her.  You gave her a great life.  Remember that.

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