Netbooks and Feathers

So, the laptop that has served me well for nearly six years is on the fritz.

As an early birthday present, J let me get a little nondescript netbook.  I’m drafting this post on that netbook.  It’s different to have a laptop that will fit in my purse!  J was really worried that the size would bother me in typing, but it doesn’t.  The size is actually pretty good for my-sized hands.

The guy at the store made fun of me for wanting it.  “You want this when you could have a much more powerful computer in a few weeks?  Are you crazy?”  I wanted to say, “Why yes, yes I am.”  But I didn’t.  I just smiled and said, “Yes, I am one of those people that wants to carry the computer in the purse.

I’m not seeing a major difference in capabilities yet.  I haven’t tried to upload any pictures yet, but it powers up fine.  Not as fast as the CR-148 but faster than the old laptop.  It’s got a webcam.  It’s only got 1G of memory but J says he could upgrade that if it becomes necessary to do so.  The keyboard is clicky, but it doesn’t really bother me.  My only potential issue is that the battery life won’t be nearly what I would have had on the much more powerful machine.  But even that isn’t the end of the world.  Really, it’ll just be motivation to not sit in front of the computer, in front of the tv, for hours on end.  I mean, I’ve been working for nearly an hour on it thus far and it’s still got plenty of battery power so far.  So far, so good.

My birthday is still nearly a month away, but the presents are early.  Besides the netbook from J yesterday, my Mommy got me a feather today.  I know, sounds silly, right?  But my Mama is a trendsetter!  She’s got a feather in her hair; she’s had it for nearly a month.  I had no idea that was a trend even before she got it.  But when I saw it, I knew I wanted one.  So, as an early birthday present, my mother took me to her salon and I got one.  There are actually two and a half feathers; a brown one with pink spots and a black one with a little tail off the end.  Let’s see if I can manage a picture of it:  It’s a souvenir from a really fun girly excursion.  Thank you, Mama!

Tomorrow will be really fun as we are celebrating Be-Bop’s fifth birthday tomorrow.  Yay!

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