Mommy is Off-Duty

Tonight I’m going out with a girl-friend.

Tonight I need time off from being a Mommy.

J is home from work early this afternoon.  I just announced to Be-Bop when he came whining to me about something, “Mommy is off-duty!”  Be-Bop sulked but took his complaint to J.  Does this make me a bad mommy?

I argue not.  I certainly have never heard other moms announce to their children that they are off-duty, but I think we all need our time away from our children.  I think it is very healthy to take time away from the kids to remember that, before anything else, I am a person.

Now, some may say that the time I take away from my children gets carried to extremes, but I don’t think so.  When we lived in Iowa, our wonderful country doctor told me to take an evening away from the baby once a week.  I haven’t always done that exactly, but more recently I come pretty close.

That’s all for now.

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